Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors


  • Visiting Professor appointments are for academics from other universities and research institutes, and normally will be for no more than one year.

  • Note that visiting appointments do not normally carry membership with SGS, are not normally eligible to apply for research funding, and are not compensated by the University


  • The inviting UofT professor will need to submit the following:

    • A letter of nomination to the Dean, including a clear outline of the terms of the appointment (including the visiting professor’s full name, title, specific dates for the visit, and details of proposed activities and responsibilities, as well as any space you are committing).

  • The visiting professor will need to submit the following:

    • A signed cover letter detailing the reasons for the appointment, description of skills, knowledge or expertise that they would bring to the Faculty, and their activities and responsibilities at the Faculty. The letter should also mention that they understand that they are not eligible to apply for research funding, will not be compensated by the University, and state if any costs will be covered by their home institute.

    • A letter of support for the appointment from their Director/Chair at their home institute where they are employed, with confirmation that they will be returning to XX country on XX date. This letter will need to be on official letterhead and signed. The letter should also address if any costs will be covered by the home institute.

    • A recent CV

  • To speed up the process, the Visiting Professor should also forward along:

    • A scan copy of their passport (including full name, passport #, DOB)

    • Provide the following information: country of residence, country of birth, country of citizenship

    • Include if they are a permanent resident of Canada, if so, provide their PR #.