DSATP (GAP Resident)

DSATP (GAP Resident)

Dental Specialty Assessment and Training Programs


  • Foreign OMFS




  • FULL


  • Graduates of non-accredited OMFS programs who are interested in becoming licensed OMFS in Canada can apply to take the Dental Specialty Core Knowledge Examination (DSCKE). The DSCKE is used by Canadian faculties of dentistry as part of the admission process for entry into DSATPs

  • Candidates need to be present as for one-week (for assessment of skills)

  • Program runs one year with variable start date

  • DSATP provides service and engages in learning at the PGY3 level with core rotations in anesthesiology

  • All GAP training programs have same deadline


  • Please note that there are very few positions available in the DSATPs.

  • DSCKE results are automatically sent to Canadian Faculties of Dentistry that offer DSATPs

  • Full interview, similar to MSc students

For more information and to apply to the program, visit https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/prospective-students/international-dentists/dental-specialist-DSATP.